As a Research & Insights leader there are many things I can help out with. Here are some of my specialities.

I facilitate data-driven product development

  • Training product teams on how to do research themselves (a.k.a research democratisation) Empower designers, product managers and engineers to collect and use their own research insights.  
  • Optimize product development processes to infuse them with insights through every step of the development cycle.  

I build strong teams

  • Interim management of teams (research, insights, product, design)
  • Personal development coaching for team members
  • Help to define your hiring strategy, when and how to hire user researchers 

I provide 1:1 coaching

Individual sessions to help you find answers to your challenges. This is useful when:

  • You want to grow, define new career goals and work on your personal development as a research professional. 
  • You are an executive that wants your company to work more data-driven
  • You need a research expert as a sounding board

Let’s talk and figure out how we can work together!