Focus on growth

We all want to grow. Grow our business, grow our careers, grow as human beings. This requires that we understand our customers, their needs as well as ourselves. 

How can I help you to connect the dots? Let’s talk and explore what’s possible. Here are some examples of what we could discuss: 

Developing alongside your research peers

There are very few opportunities for senior user researchers and research leaders to excel their careers. We often feel alone in our struggles, but it does not have to be that way. I host peer-to-peer development sessions for research leaders through my initiative ‘Grow & Connect’. 

It is a safe space where people can discuss their challenges and find the inspiration they need to continue their personal and professional development. Read all about Grow & Connect and join your peers.

Coaching for personal and professional growth

Feeling that you are developing provides you with a sense of purpose. It fuels you with positive energy. My coaching practice revolves around unleashing your untapped potential. Together, we’ll dive deep into what excites you, helping you embrace your passions, values and beliefs. 

Individual sessions to help you find answers to your challenges. This is useful when:

  • You want to grow, define new career goals and work on your personal development as a research professional. 
  • You need a user research expert as a sounding board.

Establishing a research practice

User research is an essential ingredient for product development. It provides valuable insights into user needs, validates product-market fit, improves user experience, informs feature prioritisation, and guides customer acquisition efforts. By leveraging user research effectively, you can build user-centric products and achieve sustainable growth.

How can I help you to build a sustainable research practice? 

  • Train product teams on how to do research themselves (a.k.a research democratisation) This can be through in-house training or remote, depending on your needs.  
  • Work with your Product Managers to review and optimise their product development processes. Support them to find ways to infuse their work with insights through every step of the development cycle.  
  • Empower your research team to move on from tactical to strategic research. Coaching them to discover new ways of working, increasing their impact every step of the way. 

Let’s talk and figure out how we can work together!