Thought work

With 15+ years in digital product development, there is heaps of experience to share.

I speak at conferences and enjoy sharing my ideas in podcasts and written form. This is a sample of the places and spaces where I have shared my experiences.

2023 – Article for Outlier/Dovetail, The situational framework for research democratisation

2022 – Conference talk at Advancing Research, Rosenfeld Media conference, Research Democratization: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

2022 – The Human Show Podcast, democratising research 

2021 – Data drivet Podcast, interview by Joni Lindgren (in Swedish)

2020 – Contribution to book by Gregg Bernstein, Research Practice. Chapter: Lessons from creating research lessons 

2019 – Conference talk at UX Copenhagen, GDPR considerations for designers

2019 – Dollar to Donuts Podcast, interview by Steve Portigal

2019 – Conference talk at Design Research Australia, Overcoming the user researcher’s fallacy

2014 – UX Booth Article, The Hidden Benefits of Remote Research