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David Prater is an Australian-born writer, editor and researcher. He holds a BA with Honours in Australian Literature from the University of Sydney (1994), an MA in English from the University of Melbourne (2004) and a PhD from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne (2009).

David’s poetry and prose have been published in a range of Australian and international journals and anthologies. His first full-length poetry collection, We Will Disappear, was published by Soi3 (Papertiger Media) in 2007. His second, Leaves of Glass, was published by Puncher and Wattmann in 2014.

His poem ‘In a Dim Sea Nation’ was included in Best Australian Poetry 2003 (University of Queensland Press). In 2011 his poem ‘Cute’ was included in Best Australian Poems 2011 (Black Inc.), and five of his poems were anthologised in Thirty Australian Poets (UQP).

Between 2001 and 2012, David was Managing Editor of Cordite Poetry Review, an online journal of Australian poetry and poetics.

In 2005 he undertook a four-month Asialink residency at Sogang University, Seoul, during which he ‘live-wrote’ a series of prose poems in PC (Internet gaming rooms). One of these poems, ‘Imaginary Cities: Capa’, is forthcoming in the Anthology of Australian Prose Poetry (Melbourne University Press, 2020).

David currently lives and works in Gustavsberg, Sweden.

Visit his website: <https://daveydreamnation.com>


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